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Achieve your business Need

It is essential for you to have a software that manages your projects. And LeoSquad assists you with that. You can easily manage your software and your squad through a single system resulting in empowered teams and satisfied clients.

  • Track all your projects in the simplest way.
  • Assign tasks to project members and track the project status with ease.
  • Assign members to the projects and keep the track of the progress.

Project and task management
Online project management software

Monitor Your Workflow

Want to stay updated about what’s working for your business? Analyze it through report section.

  • Check and track your spending and income.
  • Monitor the task status of all the task at hand.
  • View Ticket report to check your Open vs Closed tickets.

Support tickets management

Are you facing issues with the software and feel lost? Don’t be. Because if you are facing any issue regarding your software you can raise a ticket and LeoSquad will fix those errors for you.

  • Admin has authority to assign the tickets to respective department agents

Project and task management

A modern-day communication gateway for your work squad.

A power-packed features that enhances your team management system.


Get access from any devices: desktop, tablet or mobile.


Customize your code and change it as per your requirement.

UI Elements

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Task Management System Loved & Trusted By Corporate Houses & Their Employees

Before LeoSquad, it was a hassle for us to manage our tasks and keep track of it. But after we joined hands with LeoSquad, our task management has been seamless and for that we can’t thank LeoSquad enough.


Task management and keeping record of our assignments and tasks has never been easier. Leosquad has made our employees task management convenient. And their support management makes their whole service top notch.


Project management and keeping record of our tasks and reviews has never been easier. LeoSquad has made our employees working time management convenient. And the support management of the system has make our whole service of an international level.

Analogue Inc.

Task Management Has Never Been Easier.

Still have confusion about how LeoSquad works? Don’t worry our squad of experts will assist on ways to streamline LeoSquad the way your team works.