No more spreadsheets

We offer you Gantt charts and Kanban boards to heighten your productivity. Say bye-bye to old outdated systems. Your company needs more.

Is basecamp not meeting your needs?

Basecamp is only used for team collaborations and tasks management. It cannot help you manage a whole of an organization like LeoSquad. LeoSuad is a whole of a workplace.

Are you looking for some more than just two plans?

Basecamp only has two plans to offer, the pay plan and the forever free plan. Want more price plan options to manage your workstation?Go for LeoSquad.

Checklists, Time tracking, and more.

We offer checklists, time trackers, notifications, and more. Can you find it in Basecamp? No, you can’t!

Paper contracts are so outdated.

In our effort to make offices paperless LeoSquad lets employees sign the contracts entirely digitally. Hear the winds it’s the trees thanking you.

LeoSquad Basecamp
Assignee due dates
Peer-to-peer communication
Gantt chart
Contract Signing
SMS Module
Sub-domain Module
Location access
Assignee and duedates
Smart notification
Unlimited ActivityLog
Time Tracker
Unlimited Storage