We let clients be the king. Are you sure Jira offers you this?

LeoSquad not only focuses on digitally stabilized workplace, effective team collaboration, projects plans but also have a well managed CRM system.Our system offers clients access to view the task detail, monitor it,check and update invoices, and make contracts all on one platform.

We have a system that alerts you with the notices faster than Jira.

Through various features such as Reports, Notice, and Time tracker you can check the status of your projects, get notices about due dates and track your time. We kill several birds with one stone.

Easier payment for an easier workflow. Is Jira as smooth as Leo?

Not even close. Leo offers various alternatives to all of the pre-existing payment systems while it’s calculated exclusively to fit your needs. We offer you the smoothest payment system.

LeoSquad provides you an automated HR management, which ofcourse Jira fails to offer.

Plan vacations, leaves, holidays, and more without lengthy spreadsheets. What can be better to manage employees than an automated system?Track and monitor your employees without using cctv cameras or peeping into their workstations through one finger click in the dashboard.

LeoSquad Jira
Payroll system
Attendance on login
Complaint Ticket
Unlimited activity log
Event Management
Sub-domain Module
Roles and permission allocation
Powerful finance system
HR system
Asignee and due dates
Time trackers
White Label
Employee Location Tracking