How much Rewards?

Earn 25%

One time payment only on one month subscription

How does it works?

Go to LeoSquad's referral program and enroll yourself by entering your personal information in the form.

1st Step

Submit your form and wait for our agent to contact you for confirmation.

2nd Step

Once you are confirmed, you will receive a link to add a referral with a unique code via email.

3rd Step

Open the link and enter the code.

4th Step

After the code is matched add details of the referral.

5th Step

Once your referral enrolls and pays for a paid version of LeoSquad, a 25% incentive of one month subscription will be transferred to your bank account.

6th Step

Referral FAQs

How do I refer someone to LeoSquad?

Simply, fill a referral from at

Do I get 25% for every referral I give?

Yes, but you only get 25% when the referral is converted to paid version and has paid the amount in full.

Will I be paid if the person I referred renews his package?

No, 25% is a one time payment.

How am I paid?

You’re paid online thus your correct bank details are required while you fill the referral form.

Can anyone refer?

Yes, anyone from anywhere can fill a referral form to refer.

Will the payment be on installment basis?

No, the full payment will be done at once.

Terms and conditions

  • 01.

    Referrer will get 25% of our 1 month subscription including taxes for each successful referral.

  • 02.

    The reward amount is not transferable to other beneficiaries except referrer.

  • 03.

    Referrer can claim the amount only after the referee is successfully converted and has made his/her full payment.

  • 04.

    Referee must be converted to paid packages within 30 Days of registration for the referral offer to be valid.

  • 05.

    Once the referee has been successfully converted, the referrer will have the amount automatically deposited in their Bank account provided with the form.

  • 06.

    This referral scheme is valid for everyone.

  • 07.

    Referral can be initiated only through LeoSquad's Portal. Referral by any other means shall not be applicable for the referral scheme.

  • 08.

    To know the referral status, referrer can check it on LeoSquad Portal.

  • 09.

    There is no limitation on the number of referrals that a referrer can make.

  • 10.

    If the same referee is referred by two or more referrer, the first referrer shall be eligible based on referred date and time.

  • 11.

    Referral will not be valid if the referee has already booked a package with LeoSquad.

  • 12.

    LeoSquad Reserves the right to modify/stop/cancel the scheme without notice as it sees fit and shall not be liable for any such modification/termination.

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