More members, better prices than Trello.

Trello’s prices can’t compare when you see the number of members and list of features. Why invest on something that offers you the bare minimum?Save money, choose LeoSquad. Be wise.

Does trello offer you a better time tracking system?

Leosquad offers you an excellent time tracking system where you can track the clock-in and clock-out time of your employees. Monitor your employees with a better time tracking system.

Tired of and moving cards over the list at Trello?

Using cards is an amazing idea but can be a lot confusing at the same time. Lets switch to a better option. LeoSquad provides you the facility of adding and updating the task status in a single click.

We don’t play favorites, we offer All in one.

LeoSquad has integrated all your favorite payment methods into one system for a more dynamic and inclusive platform. So many features, so many options.

LeoSquad offers you with a better payroll system.

Pay the work not the person. With our payroll system, we have you pay exactly what needs to be paid punctually and accurately.

LeoSquad Trello
Client login
Client Finance and Ticket dashboards
Authentication to client email address
Unlimited activity log
Event Board
Generating invoice
Digital contracts
Tracking expenses
CalendarViewofprojectsstart –deadline
Time Line of tasksComplete/Incomplete